Data led decision making starts with accurate data analysis.

Better data analysis and measurement enables key stakeholders within a business to make decisions and base communications on trustworthy, accurate data alongside clear to understand customised reporting.

Good business decisions demand good data.

Every website and business has different data at its disposal that can be used asynchronously or combined to create useful insights. Through consultancy and a clean approach to reporting, I can help you see clearly and make informed decisions based on fact, not fiction.

Google Analytics Auditing

I come across a lot of Google Analytics installations that are either incorrect, don’t track any goals or have been altered with custom configurations by people not knowing what they’re doing.

A lot of businesses rely on Google Analytics as the primary source of reporting on SEO, PPC, Social and other marketing activities, so an incorrect configuration could seriously impact business decisions.

Through a thorough auditing process, the existing Google Analytics implementation (or even a new implementation) can be installed correctly to ensure accurate, useful data.

Yandex Metrica

Yandex Metrica is an extremely powerful and useful website analytics platform that can be used either in conjunction with, or as an alternative to Google Analytics.

I gave a talk about Yandex Metrica at MeasureCamp London in 2017, showing how it’s interactive reporting visuals, bot reporting, heat map and confetti map reporting can assist and help webmasters (and digital marketers) make key decisions around their website without the need for a other third party solutions.

I run Yandex Metrica across a number of websites targeting various countries and audiences.


Content Performance Audits

Content performance is more than just pageviews, rankings and conducting a so called “ROT” analysis.

Modern websites are complex ecosystems and treated as such by the major search engines.

Using a combination of data sources, as well as other technical attributes and information taken from using search engine emulators such as Screaming Frog and SiteBulb.

Content audits can both be on the spot, as well as ongoing/routine practices to support other focus areas of both the business and the website.