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Crawl Error January 2021 is proud to unveil it’s speaker schedule, boasting a 69% female speaker cohort, with 71% of the speakers presenting at an event for the first time.

We have speakers from companies including New York Times, Deep Crawl, and GmbH, as well as agencies Claneo, SEO Works, Digitaloft, Found, Glass Digital, Evolved Search & Absolute.

Speaker Schedule

The virtual conference is set to go on over two days, January 28th and January 29th, with talks from 12pm UK time each day. I have also included time conversions for Newark NJ (EST), San Jose CA (PST), and Mumbai (IST).

London Newark NJ San Jose CA Mumbai January 28 2021 January 29 2021
12:00 07:00 04:00 17:30 James Brockbank Rachel Handley
13:00 08:00 05:00 18:30 Billie Hyde Sophie Brannon
14:00 09:00 06:00 19:30 Xarel Cassina Sanchez Danny Gee
15:00 10:00 07:00 20:30 Lucy Dodds Imogen Davies
16:00 11:00 08:00 21:30 Ruth Everett James McLoughlin
17:00 12:00 09:00 22:30 Beverley Theresa Claudio Eduardo Cabera
18:00 13:00 10:00 23:30 Emilija Gjorgjevska

Speaker Video Links

Below are links to the YouTube premieres for each of the videos. Please hit subscribe and turn notifications on (on YouTube) to get alerts when the videos you want to watch go live!

Day One

Day Two


The Crawl Error January 2021 Speaker Lineup
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