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Last Update: Friday November 9th, 2018

Google My Business is a must have tool in a local SEO’s arsenal. Actually, scratch that, in any SEO’s arsenal – I use it to influence brand real estate on SERPs, and I use Google Posts to show off were I’m speaking next, new blog posts and other cool things.

However, one thing that has started to appear in Google My Business listings (notably in America) is split opening hours, such as this example of Velocity Credit Union, in Austin TX:

If you want to see this for yourself:

But as you probably know, in Google My Business you can only edit one set of opening hours – so how is Google discovering these split business hours for different services at the same location?

How to add drive-thru hours to your Google My Business Listing

From analysis of how Velocity Credit Union and Anchor Bank are achieving this, and it’s something very simple.


Looking at the Velocity Credit Union page, their Google My Business listing used in the link example is on 610 East 11th Street in Austin. Now the URL from the GMB listing just goes to the homepage, and all locations are listed on a single page in an expandable <div>, which isn’t amazing but Google is still processing and understanding the relevant information enough to trust it and pull it through to the Google My Business listing.

On this branch, they have the lobby and drive-thru hours in a table. Google is understanding this table and even the M-F enough to trust the data and pull it through to the GMB listing.

Using simple HTML for a table, Google is able to understand it, much like it understands lists (ordered and unordered) and accordions enough to use them for featured snippets.

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