After a few months of coming up with an idea, the first phase of the idea has become a reality,

Why do we need another Hreflang checker?

Honestly… We don’t, there are some great ones out there, including this tool by Merkle, and the Dejan SEO Flang tool (I feel as though this tool has been around forever).

However, this Hreflang checking tool is just one phase of what will be a wider international SEO and Hreflang project, including a brand new way to generate Hreflang tags on a page.

HreflangChecker works by auditing the entered URLs to verify the accuracy of the hreflang code, and if the right codes are being used.

What’s next? is part of a wider project, we’ve dubbed Project Sloth. Project Sloth is a wider project looking at improving, and making Hreflang easier and more accessible for developers (and businesses) to implement.

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I'm Dan, and I'm an award winning SEO consultant and technical lead based in the United Kingdom. I work with brands around the world, ranging from SaaS, fintech and retail, to travel brokers, agencies and airlines.

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