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Voice search is undoubtedly one of the next big shifts in how users interact with not only search engines, but the internet as a whole.

The below tips are designed as thought provokers to help you cut through the noise, and help you start working towards voice snippets and performing well in voice search.

  1. Get listed on as many business directories as possible. Make sure you cover the major ones like Google, Yelp, Facebook, Bing, Foursquare etc.
  2. Look for forums and directories specific to your niche and get your business listed there as well.
  3. Ensure uniformity of business location data (like Name, Address and phone number) across the web.
  4. Add detailed information (like business description, open hours, photos etc.) wherever possible.
  5. Work towards improving your overall star rating. You can achieve this by generating more positive reviews for your business.
  6. Creating an FAQ section on your business website will help. Focus on conversational phrases and long-tail keywords.
  7. Add “question” based keywords to your radar.
  8. Develop content around intent-based questions.
  9. This will help the voice-based platforms pick up answers and showcase to customers.
  10. When structuring content for voice, make it short and to the point. Answers returned by voice platforms are (on an average) 29 words.
  11. All content on your business website should be simple and readable. Think of use cases for your ideal customers and develop content around it.
  12. Optimize existing content for featured snippets.
  13. Engage with customers on your business page and handles on social media.
  14. Secure your business website with SSL.
  15. Improve your overall website responsiveness and site speed. Optimize your website for local SEO.
  16. You can add additional focus to “near me” searches that apply to your business.
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