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It goes without saying that SEO can be used for nearly every kind of website, from news publishers, all the way through to ecommerce sites.

One area where a strong SEO campaign can flourish however, is in lead generation.

But where do you start preparing your SEO strategy for a lead generation website?

Let’s take a look through some crucial areas.

Research crucial keywords and make a list

If you don’t know where to start with keyword research, there are a range of free tools that can help you with this, including Google’s Keyword Planner, Google Trends, and even Keyword

It’s also a good idea to produce a list of your products and services and any other terms that might be relevant to your industry.

Google your key products, services, and terms, and see who is ranking near the top of the organic search results and study how these important words are used on websites.

Make notes on the intent reflected on these keywords, such as whether they have been used to lure users to buy services or products or to inform and educate them.

Both kinds are equally important to understand so that you can get the best balance for your website.

Organise your sales funnel based on your research

Once you’ve made a list of your findings, it’s best to organise these around your sales funnel.

Bear in mind that keywords that have an informative intent are likely to represent users at the top of this funnel.

Keywords that provide a strong purchase intent are likely to be used by people at the bottom end of your funnel.

Optimise your content to align with your findings

If you’ve already created content for your site, you’ll need to review and optimise this.

If you find that some assets have been developed specifically for one end of your sales funnel, you need to ensure that the appropriate language is being used.

On the other hand, if you have content that has been created to cater for a specific keyword, ensure that it is addressing the user intent accordingly.

Create more content

Everyone has gaps in their content to start with, but this, at the end of the day, is why we conduct research.

If you find that you have the wrong content or keyword, or even the intent, this does not mean that you have to remove it. You should, however, create additional content to fill the gap.

A good example here is if you discover a crucial and high-volume keyword that is designed to inform. This in itself is great, but if you just have landing pages designed to sell, it isn’t a great fit.

Such a scenario will require you to create supporting pages on your site, such as blogs, landing pages, FAQs, or even guides.

The future of SEO and lead generation

As ever, the world of technology and marketing is travelling at a thousand miles per hour, which means that SEO itself is in a constant state of change, with SEOs themselves having to evolve their knowledge and skills on a near daily basis.

By keeping an eye on new opportunities and reviewing the performance of the strategies you already have in place, however, you can enjoy unparalleled benefit.

Keep on top of your keywords, ensure that your content matches user intent, and by optimising for the people that need it the most, you will never look back.

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