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Being passionate about something is great, and it’s even better when you can turn that passion into your career or a passive income stream – and that’s exactly what happened here.

I was approached by a popular aquarium blog, which also generated revenue through affiliate links and display advertising.

After moving to a new, custom WordPress theme in mid-2018 saw the site began to lose traffic with important traffic driving articles either losing ranking positions or dropping out of the search engine results pages altogether.

  • 30.79% Increase In Organic Sessions (YoY)

  • 71k Ranking Keywords (Globally)

  • 3.2k Position 1-3 Keywords (Google US)

The Issues

There were no questions as to the quality of the content being produced by the website authors, with all of them being passionate aquarium hobbyists who really knew their field.

The issues were with the new WordPress templates, and how content was being served and delivered.

  • On the new templates, lots of internal linking features were removed to “modernise” and give a new “clean feel” to the designs, meaning a lot of articles had a click depth of 10+
  • The new blog category pages were being served with JavaScript, with no form of pre-rendering, meaning no plain HTML links were being served as part of the initial HTML
  • There was a change in URL structure around category pages and some custom post-types, with no redirects being put in place

Identifying & Resolving The Problems

Through a lightweight technical SEO audit, the issues on the website became apparent and I raised the tickets with their development agency.

It took a couple of months to make the needed changes, with efforts helped along through the use of Cloudflare Workers (Edge SEO), and soon after implementation we soon saw a performance increase as Google rediscovered the content it had previously ranked, as well as a lot of the new content and guides the team had produced to improve their previous traffic volumes.

Organic users over time.

The new website went live around week 15. I was brought in around week 30, and most changes and fixes pushed between weeks 40 and 50.

The dip post week 60 is the end of March 2020, when COVID-19 hit it’s peak globally, leading to users changing their priorities.


If you would like to discuss your SEO project, or have seen similar issues post-migration, please get in touch.



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