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I started working with a French cycling holiday and tour operator, targeting French, English, German and Dutch audiences with their curated cycling tours of some of France’s most majestic scenery. They had been working with a specialist travel SEO agency for a number of months but had yet to see any progression or traction in the UK marketplace.

The agency had been building links, creating commercial content, and providing blog posts to build out the English version of the site further, but to no avail. The first thing I did was to recommend implementing a simple Hreflang network across the site, something they were hesitant to do as their development agency in France wanted to charge €800 to do so, and they’d been spending a lot of money on the site (and SEO) for months without getting any real results.

The eventually sanctioned the development towards the end of 2015, with the hope it would improve performance ahead of the seasonal January peak in traffic.

The Results

In the days following the Hreflang implementation, we very quickly began to see rankings (not improvements, actual top 100 rankings) for the first time in

  • 2800% increase in ranking keywords (Google UK)

  • Increased traffic & rankings across 5 countries

  • Company expansion from 2 to 5 employees

The below graph shows how rankings have improved from an initial 15 keywords ranking in, to a now mid 400.

Ahref’s keyword graph for the domain,

I stopped working with the client early in 2016, as I moved jobs, and the brand has continued to grow since after years of not ranking. They have since done some interesting things, such as implement an IP based 302 redirects to take users to a language alternate version.


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