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I started working with Scott in 2016, and he came to me having invested in a website build and SEO campaign orchestrated by a Bradford agency, led by an “Online Development Coach and Google My Business Consultant”.

With any campaign, we initially looked at the lay of the land and the website’s current performance and technical proficiency. The website itself was WordPress and only consisted of two pages. On a top-level the technical issues and errors were that:

  • The homepage body was a 3×3 table, with images in each square, including blank white PNGs to increase the height of the table middle section
  • All content, phone numbers, and text were in/on the images
  • No metadata was optimized, aside from the meta keywords that were well stuffed
  • The website footer had a hardcoded link (at a template level) back to the agency’s website… Which was broken

The website also had issues in that the domain name and Google My Business name was chosen based on search volume, without the agency realizing the search volume was so high due to an established and existing competing business with a physical store in the city.

So the strategy was to effectively start again.

  • 44% M-o-M Increase In Organic Traffic

  • First page rankings for [emergency locksmith] & related phrases

  • 60% Increase In Google My Business Interactions

The Strategy

First, we had to register a new domain and business trading name (as the original was also different from the actual registered business name). We settled on LeedsLocksmith4u and then set up a new WordPress site (with a basic theme) on new hosting, put the website on a free CDN account with free SSL – and set about planning content.

The content strategy was geared to focus on the core product offerings of:

  • 24/7 emergency locksmith
  • Crime prevention and security
  • UPVC door and window locks
  • Commercial and industrial locks

This was done through a combination of commercial landing pages (with some local tie ins), and blog posts and guides surrounding the topic.

Dan definitely delivered and produced the goods, I would have no hesitation at all recommending his services. I only wish I’d met Dan a few years ago. This would have saved me wasting time and money with companies who just failed to deliver.


If you would like to contact me about your SEO plans, projects, or issues you’re trying to overcome, please contact me through one of the methods outlined on my contact page.


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