eBooks & Publications

Some of the ebooks and publications I've both written, and contributed to.



Digital Marketing in 2017

Having featured on a number of webinars hosted by David Bain, including Digital Marketing Radio and SEMrush’s SEO Surgery Live.

I was invited to take part in an unprecented 4 hour long webinar were I was a part of a 107-strong posse of digital marketing experts all sharing their tips for 2017.

My advice focused around voice search and advancements in machine learning, and that attitudes around keywords and how we approach them within content (the whole user proposition).

The book is currently available via Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com and through some resellers on ebay.co.uk. 

SEO 101: Learn the Basics of Search Engine Optimization

In October 2017 I contributed to a mammoth SEO guide compiled by Search Engine Journal along with thirteen fellow SEO experts.

My contribution to this e-book is chapter 7, titled How People Search: Classifying & Understanding User Intent focuses on the theories and studies that have been conducted into understanding how Google (and the other search engines) understand and establish a users search intent in order to present them with results that satisfy their query.

 The ebook is currently available to download from the Search Engine Journal website.