Are you looking to improve the SEO performance of your EKM e-commerce website?

EKM, or EKM Powershop, is an e-commerce platform that primarily targets small to medium sized businesses, who operate in single markets. They also claim to power more than 600 e-commerce stores in the English county of Lancashire.

I’ve worked with a number of EKM platforms, as well as conducted in in-depth technical SEO review of EKM — based on sites they advertise on their own website, as well as examples sent through to me by one of their sales representatives.

EKM have taken some of the action points from my review on board, so hopefully the e-commerce platform will become better for everyone.

The full analysis was conducted using traditional SEO methods I would use when performing an audit, as well as information given to me through EKM live chat assistants. I recommend reading it before you move to EKM as a platform.


Is EKM SEO Friendly?

EKM do have some support articles that they categorise as SEO, and for the most part they’re great — like how to add your Google Adwords tracking code to your EKM store, or how to add your Google Analytics tracking code.

Others however, that actually focus on SEO, are not as great, such as their advice around meta keywords:

The keywords in this field are selected because they represent your EKM online shop as a whole, and these are only visible to search engines so they can quickly ascertain if and where your online shop is displayed in search engine results.

This article (about meta data) was updated in May 2018… So only 9 years after Matt Cutts publicly said that meta keywords don’t mean anything.

EKM Evolution Mode

The Evolution team have achieved some great results and testimonials from implementing things like Facebook advertising, but from experience their SEO knowledge isn’t the best, for example, for £350 per month they offered one customer:

Now they are sending me details of adding on their ekm healthcheck for search engine optimisation for £350 + VAT but they will knock me £100 off. Saying they can get me to the top of google and direct traffic to my site.

This is what is included:

Page Titles
Meta Keywords
Meta Description
Introduce relevant H1 tags
Consultation Call
Before / After Report
Link Building Suggestions
Knowledge transfer

None of this will likely get them to the top of Google – where’s the analysis?! The Technical?! Well, thanks to another EKM article we can answer that one:

How do I tell Google what keywords I want to be found under?

Through SEO! Broadly speaking there are 2 key areas:

• On site
• Off site

EKM don’t acknowledge technical SEO, which is why my technical review found a number of issues.


Are you concerned about the performance of your EKM website in organic search? Looking to migrate away from EKM to another e-commerce platform like Shopify or WooCommerce? Talk to me today about how we can make that happen.