Named by Ahrefs as one of the Best Podcasts to Master SEO and Stay Tuned, the TechSEO Podcast is a project originally started by myself and Adam Gent. In season one we featured guests such as Kevin Indig, Russ Jones, Barry Adams, Jon Myers, and Gerry White, and after a hiatus (people moving jobs, life etc), the TechSEO Podcast is back for season two – starting in November 2019.

Season 2 updates

Now available via Podcast apps!

Some episodes from Season 1, and all episodes (season 2 onwards) are available through:

The Team


  • Dan Taylor (Season 1 – Present)
  • Adam Gent (Season 1)


  • Dan Taylor

Be a podcast guest

If you’d like to be a guest on the podcast, please email me via [email protected]. As a general rule of thumb, we ignore speaker pitches from execs and PAs.