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I’m really pleased to announce that the research paper that we (the team at have submitted as part TechSEO Boost’s call for research.

We’ve been selected from the submissions alongside fellow SEO professionals, so the three finalists are:

Eric Enge, Perficient (formerly Stone Temple Consulting), with the talk: Do Links Still Matter for SEO in 2017

Dan Taylor,, with the talk: Utilising Cloudflare Workers to Overcome the Challenges of Legacy Tech Stacks and High DevOps Costs

Vincent Terrasi, OVH, with the talk: Build a Machine Learning Model Capable of Predicting a Webpage Ranking in SERP with a Reliability of 92%

All research papers submitted went through a peer vetting process by a panel of judges, and well known industry experts. The judging panel consisted of:

  • Russ Jones, Moz
  • Clark Boyd, Clickz
  • Alexis Sanders, Merkle
  • Neil Martinsen-Burrell, Moz
  • Aleyda Solis, Orainti
  • Ruth Burr Reedy, UpBuild
  • Rhea Drysdale, Outspoken Media
  • Geoff Kenyon, TechSEO Boost

The winners of the research competition shall be revealed live at the TechSEO Boost conference in November.

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