About Dan Taylor

I built my first website back in 2005 and I haven’t looked back since. By the time I had left my home town of Grimsby to move to Leeds for university, I had worked with over 10 local companies on helping them establish their digital footprints online through SEO and social mediau. This is where I cut my teeth, learning about SEO and how to generate the signals necessary for successful organic search performance.

I graduated in 2013 with an honours degree in Business and Marketing, and while studying I worked for a number of companies; namely Auto Trail VR Ltd, Chilango and Solutions for the Planet, in a number of digital capacities.

My first post-graduation work came building online web presences for three brands in Beeston, Leeds. One of these web builds was being handled by a Leeds based web design agency, and the other two in house. I developed the brands online personas, as well as planned the website architectures, page structures and initial SEO and online marketing plans.

I’m an active Tweeter, and regularly participate in industry chats such as #semrushchat and #ecomchat, you can view my latest tweets here. I’m also an active speaker and blogger in the industry, as well as appearing in webinars, podcasts and panels.


I started blogging in September 2014, with my own website, keywordsandjargon.com. Since then the blog has grown and now has 3 authors including myself.

In 2016, the blog was named one of the Top Marketing Blogs in Yorkshire, alongside blogs from top digital marketing agencies in Yorkshire, who have multiple in-house contributors, such as Jonny Ross Consultancy, Branded3, Enjoy Digital, Harrison Mann, Quba and My Social Agency – it was actually the only ‘non-agency’ blog on the list, which is a compliment that the content I write on my ‘hobby blog’.

In May 2015 I was also quoted in the Associated Press, when Floyd Mayweather fought Manny Pacquiao and users took to Periscope to stream the $100 pay-per-view bout for free via the app. This thrust the app into the public eye and the next day lead to a Charlie Sheen #Winning style tweet from then Twitter CEO Dick Costolo.


Google doesn’t hand out any SEO qualifications or accrediations, the closest you can come is to get the status of Google Top Contributor, which basically means you’re an active and useful member of Google Product forums.

I have accreditations in:

  • Google Analytics (GAIQ)
  • Bing Accredited Professional
  • Google Digital Advertising
  • HubSpot Inbound Certification
  • Econsultancy: Customer Journey


As an active member of a number of SEO and digital marketing communities, I’ve been humbled over the years and have provided feedback to a number of industry tools and software companies, as well as beta testing new products.

Notable products I have been a beta tester for include:

  • SEMRush International Site Audit Tool
  • SEMRush Technical Site Audit Tool
  • MOZ Keyword Explorer