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My name is Dan Taylor and I’m an SEO and Digital Marketing consultanct based in the United Kingdom, but I work with brands all over the world. I’ve been forunate enough to work with some great brands, ranging from multi-billion dollar SaaS companies in San Francisco and global management consultancy firms in New York, to financial advisors in Demark, as well as a wide variety of SMEs in more than 20 countries.

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Expert SEO Consultancy

The basics of SEO can be achieved across the majority of platforms quite easily, however there are a lot of variables at play when optimising a page, or section of a website to compete for certain terms. 

Good SEO can only come from analysis, and understand how a multitude of these variables impact each other.

For a lot of people, SEO is a linear checklist that if you do X, you get Y. Too an extent this is true, however it’s much more complex than this.

Having worked with a lot of different companies, ranging from small sole traders with a local target in Norway to multi-billion dollar management consultancy firms in America, and across a number of platforms; including WordPress, Umbraco, Adobe Experience Manager, Magento and SalesForce Commerce Cloud across a large number of verticals and sectors.

Data Led SEO Analysis 

SEO has evolved and come a long way from it’s earlier days. Domains are fragile ecosystems that need cultivating in the right way to produce the necessary environments that Google (and the other search engines) considers worthy of ranking.

Through various data points and methods, including site crawls and backlink profiles, it’s important that internal linkng structures are mapped effectively and with structure, not only for users, but for search engines.

A point of view can be a dangerous luxury when substituted for insight and understanding. – Marshall McLuhan

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