Generating sustainable organic search performance, traffic and leads for brands big and small through tried and tested SEO techniques.

I’m an experienced SEO consultant. Whether you’re looking for consultancy for a one time project, or you’re seeking a long term strategic partner, my services can be tailored to meet the needs of your project.

Expert SEO Consultancy

My name is Dan Taylor and I’m an SEO and Digital Marketing consultanct based in the United Kingdom, but I work with brands all over the world, ranging from billion dollar tech companies in San Francisco to airport transfer and parking companies in Mexico.

For a lot of people, SEO is a linear checklist that if you do X, you get Y. Too an extent this is true, however it’s much more complex than this.

Having worked with a lot of different companies, ranging from small sole traders with a local target in Norway to multi-billion dollar management consultancy firms in America, and across a number of platforms; including WordPress, Umbraco, Adobe Experience Manager, Magento and SalesForce Commerce Cloud across a large number of verticals and sectors.

Bespoke SEO Consultancy and Solutions

SEO doesn’t come in packages; it can’t be sold as tokens or as bronze, silver and gold. Using data driven ideas combined with actionable strategies, I can help you improve your rankings, organic traffic and leads. I’ve helped brands through a number of challenges, including protocol migrations, domain migrations, rebrands and removed penalties.

As technology improves, websites and brands need to keep pace meeting user needs and satisfying search intents. This is why I tailor bespoke SEO solutions to each situation to conserve and grow organic traffic.


Some of the brands I’ve been fortunate to work with and consult over the years.


SEO Services

I pride myself on offering no nonsense, realistic and straight to the point SEO advice. I work alongside internal teams, other agencies and website development teams. Below are just some of the services I offer.

Technical SEO

In 2017 I was named by OnCrawl as one of the top 20 technical SEOs in the world to watch. I help take websites to a level of technical excellence, as Google is more than just keywords and links.

Local SEO

I’ve lead local SEO campaigns in England, America, Norway and Mexico. Working with the multiple local algorithms I can help you achieve success in Google’s rankings and Map Pack.

International SEO

I’ve consulted major airlines, travel brands, technology companies and ecommerce stores in achieving international success online. Taking brands international is something I do.

Ecommerce SEO

Google treats online stores differently to non-transactional websites. Whether you’re on Woo Commerce, Magento, SalesForce Commerce Cloud, Umbraco – I can help.

Quality Audits

A major part of the modern Google algorithm is quality, both quality and usefulness of content and website infrastructure. It’s time to go beyond keywords and links to achieve success.

SEO Audits

I know what it takes to make a website rank. Do you have an existing website or are you having one developed currently? It’s important to include SEO from the start.