Hello! I’m an SEO consultant, specialising in technical, international and local SEO.

Hello! My name is Dan and I’m an award winning SEO consultant and digital marketing strategist based in the United Kingdom.

I work with SMEs and enterprise level businesses all over the world, ranging from tech and software companies based in San Francisco, to airport transfer companies in Mexico.

You may have read some of my articles in Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Watch, or Market Mogul – or watched some of my expert webinars on SEMrush, Digital Marketing Radio and Digital Olympus. I’ve also been featured on BBC Radio, talking about cyber security.

I also deliver talks on international and technical SEO best practices at Department of International Trade events, at the Google Digital Garage in Sheffield, and I guest lecture at Leeds Trinity University.

Looking to improve your organic rankings? Seen a sudden or gradual drop in organic traffic?

Google is not a finished product. It is constantly changing and evolving on a daily basis through tweaks and changes to the core algorithm, experiments, and the larger named algorithm changes.

Outside of algorithmic changes, Google also changes search results pages based on real world events and changing user behaviour, and expectations.

This is why modern SEO is more about just optimising for keywords.

Over the years I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses, ranging from locksmiths in Leeds to boutique luxury tour operators in Sri Lanka.

I have a proven track record of increasing high quality traffic from organic search to grow revenue through sales, and lead generation by helping businesses acquire users at various stages of their buying cycle.

I’ve also worked on a number of complex projects with other third party stakeholders, one example being:

  • The company HQ and marketing team based in New York
  • The development team based in London
  • The company IT team based in Austin

I have a highly personalised, in-depth & scalable approach towards organic search.

I’ve found that the “cookie cutter” model doesn’t work as no two situations are the same, and you need to fully assess a website and it’s position for you dive into a link building campaign, content, or event make large, wholescale changes.

I also work with some of the leading software providers in the industry, such as SEMrush, and actively take part in product beta testing groups from a design stage to help them make sure that their SEO software meets the changing need of demanding SEO professionals.