Trusted by Silicon Valley Startups, Global Travel Brands, Major E-commerce Retailers, and Fortune 500 Companies

I work with enterprise-level businesses all over the world, ranging from tech and SaaS companies based in San Francisco, Ethereum based cryptocurrency tokens and data marketplaces, to global travel brands and multi-million dollar e-commerce websites. I have extensive experience working in sectors such as travel, tech, as well as with international SEO campaigns.

You may have read some of my articles in Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Watch, or Mogul News – or watched some of my expert webinars on various platforms including DeepCrawl, Digital Marketing Radio and Digital Olympus. I’ve also been featured on the BBC.

I also deliver talks on international and technical SEO best practices at Department of International Trade events, at the Google Digital Garage, and I am a guest lecturer at Leeds Trinity University.


SEO Consultant

I believe in transparency and honesty above all things — my typical steps when working with someone new are:

  1. Learn about your business, your history, and your objectives
  2. Analysis of your current position in terms of traffic, rankings, and your website/tech stack
  3. What are your competitors doing? How are they doing what they’re doing?
  4. Develop a strategic plan based on objectives versus time to achieve

And then:

  • Implement technical roadmaps and plans
  • Implement a data-led content strategy (and if needed, production)
  • Guide you through the process of building links naturally and creating a sustainable offsite and PR strategy

I’ve worked on a number of complex projects with other third party stakeholders on global projects from my UK base. One example from 2016 being:

  • The company HQ and marketing team based in New York
  • The development team based in London
  • The company IT team based in Austin

And another example being:

  • The company HQ based in New York
  • The development company split between the American West Coast, Canada, and Romania

Working with in-house SEO teams

In today’s modern digital landscape, lots of businesses have internal SEO teams and they don’t need the big full-service packages – but what they do need is scalable support from a third-party to offer both ongoing consultancy (as an extra pair of eyes) for an in-house SEO, as well as provide elastic support that can flex up to meet business requirements.