SEO Speaker & Webinar Panelist

I've been forunate enough to have spoken at a number of marketing conferences and events, including MeasureCamp London and Leeds Digital Festival. I also appear on webinars with Digital Marketing Radio, This Week In Organic and SEMrush.

I’ve been fortunate, and humbled, to have been invited to talk at a number of events, as well as appear on a number of webinars. At the moment I am appearing on a number of Webinars for SEMRush, and have featured twice on Digital Marketing Radio (and I was published in the book “107 Digital Marketing Experts Share Their Thoughts For 2017”, which is available on Amazon).

To date, I have spoken at Leeds Digital Festival 2016, MeasureCamp London X 2017 and the Leeds Trinity Media Festival 2017.

Leeds Digital Festival 2016

My first SEO speaking engagement came at a Leeds Digital Festival event. My talk was aimed at in-house webmasters and digital marketers and was a base level to help them DIY their own SEO.

MeasureCamp London X 2017

I attented my first MeasureCamp (London X) and after braving the 5am train from Leeds on a Saturday to attend (and travel back on the same day) I delivered a talk to ~20 people, conveying the benefits of Yandex Metrica and why it’s a great analytics platform to run alongside Google Analytics.

LTU Media Festival 2017

Digital Marketing Radio (2016)

Digital Marketing Radio Christmas Special 2017

(3m 30s)

SEMRush: SEO Surgery Ep. 2 with David Bain

SEMRush: SEO Surgery India Ep. 2 with Nitin Manchanda