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Working with a premium podcast platform based out of Virginia USA, through achieving a better technical foundation and content architecture the brand has been able to achieve year-on-year increases of:

  • 170% increase in impressions (GSC)

  • 134% increase in clicks (GSC)

  • 43% increase in reported organic traffic (GA)

Debugging React JS Issues

A significant factor in improving performance was creating the business case for the website to dynamically render content to improve content discoverability and crawling of HTML links within the initial response.

The website, fully built using React was not returning any links or content in the initial HTML response, meaning that for Google to discover any content or links it was reliant on the second crawl phase – the WRS (web rendering service). Resolving this issue saw an uptick in performance within days of implementation.

Within 3 months of the first engagement, the negative trend had been reversed and the team implemented new techniques.

Content Architecture

Whilst podcasting is a relatively new content medium, it has been adopted by a large number of content creators and companies, and the market is already highly competitive.

To break into this market as a new brand and gain both brand exposure and traction within organic search, I worked with the in-house team on how they can better approach content for the site and be user problem/solution led, rather than product-led.

Through the use of python scripts and more strategic research techniques, the team now creates content around user queries and satisfies their intent with answers, creating both brand awareness, trust, and user registration.


Dan is awesome to work with. He not only has the claimed expertise but also is very patient and kind. He takes the time to answer our questions thoughtfully and shows a lot of care for his customers. He communicates well, is open and honest about his process. Natasha Che, Soundwise

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