Experienced SEO & Organic Growth for SaaS & Tech Companies.

I’ve worked with a number of the world’s leading SaaS companies, ranging from brand-new start-ups, more established companies with seed funding, and multi-billion dollar San Francisco giants.

During my time working with SaaS companies I’ve seen a lot of changes in various SaaS verticals, as well as changes in user behaviour — so there is very little that takes me by surprise.

I’ve worked with a wide range of SaaS providers, including:

  • Global CDNs
  • Global DDoS protection networks
  • WordPress plugins
  • Industrial driver licence checking software
  • Board management reporting software
  • Meeting and event management applications
  • Dating & social meet-up Android/iOS applications
  • Insurance brokerage software
  • Cyber security and web application vulnerability scanning
  • API design, mocking, testing, and documentation
  • Hybrid cloud networking solutions
  • Sports team management software


Why software companies have worked with me

I take a personal approach to working with SaaS companies as no two are the same. It’s important that I fully understand the business, not just the products and offerings, but also get to know the business culture — as I need to compliment this and work with the business and internal stakeholders on creating an SEO best practice culture.

I provide detailed industry analysis, and competition reporting — which then, combined with business objectives feeds into detailed action plans and strategy documentation, to be put in place by both myself and my team, as well as items that can be actioned by in-house resource (if available). All implementations are guided and structured in a way to gain buy-in and understanding from internal stakeholders outside of the project.

Dan helped us identify a number of on-page and technical issues with our HubSpot marketing site. While we weren’t able to resolve all the technical issues, through GAP analysis Dan showed us how we (MeetingPlay) can close the gap on competitors like DoubleDutch.

Blair Pettrey, senior online marketing manager @ MeetingPlay

No two projects are the same

Typically a project starts with understanding the current “state of play”, from both an SEO and a business perspective. I don’t run the exhausted cookie-cutter model of SEO services, so from there it depends on what the business wants to achieve and over what timeframe — but I’d typically recommend:

  • An initial technical analysis (to understand the current website and digital assets)
  • Competitor GAP analysis/Vertical GAP analysis (with a focus on key areas)
  • Keyword research and “keyword mapping” to ensure the site has sufficient content and content vectors for the target/desired queries