I'm an experienced and award winning SEO consultant.

I’ve been named as one of the Top 140 Technical SEOs to follow in 2018 by Search Engine Journal, one of the Top 20 Technical SEOs by the SaaS company OnCrawl, and I won the inaugural 2018 TechSEO Boost Research & Innovation Competition.

First and foremost; Google, Bing, Yandex and Baidu are technical products and information retrieval systems.

Search engines have come a long way since the early days of Archie, and have diversified their product offerings, but the need and emphasis for technical excellence. This means that you’re web application needs to be accessible, indexable, and possess a strong information architecture.

In order to perform well within a modern organic search results page, your website needs to be barrier-free for both search engines and users.

I’ve worked with clients from all over the world, ranging from large retail and e-commerce brands, to tech companies, airlines and major travel aggregators.

I’ve worked with clients the world over, from San Francisco and Texas, to Sydney and Singapore.

What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of optimising a web application (website) for search engines as a service.

Typically SEO is shown as three pillars; Technical, Off-site and On-page. However, in 2018 SEO is a lot more advanced and three circles overlapping no longer seemed fit for purpose, so below, please find my SEO Tetrahedron:

SEO is made up of four core elements, as shown by the SEO tetrahedron:

The SEO Tetrahedron compromises of four core pillars, rather than the out-dated venn diagram.

Technical SEO

  • Ensuring that search engines can effectively crawl, process, and index web-pages across a website
  • Making sure that the website responds and forms correctly across all devices and browsers
  • Ensuring that the website provides a strong, technically excellent foundation for on-page, off-site, and user experience efforts

Marketing & PR (or Off-Site SEO)

  • Real businesses do marketing, not just for PR and backlinks, but real businesses are active
  • Having a business presence (as well as backlinks and citations) on industry relevant websites
  • Having members of the business and associated with the business active within the industry and business community, establishing themselves as industry leaders


  • Content, how well it satisfies a user query (main content) and then goes on to either link to, or provide additional value around the topic (supporting content)
  • The structure of content ontologies, nesting of appropriate subfolders and categories to create content ontologies
  • Not spreading content thin and producing multiple URLs with minor content differences

User Experience

  • Site speed, and how quickly content loads for users on desktop, mobile and tablet
  • The mobile usability of website, such as it’s responsiveness to different screen sizes and viewports
  • How content is presented (above the fold, clearly visible on load, no obtrusive adverts or JavaScript overlays)

How we can work together

As an SEO consultant, I don’t believe in “package deals” or “cookie cutter models”, as no two companies are the same, tech stacks are never always the same, and the amount of resource available is different. It’s my job to work with you to understand your business and how I can help you achieve your objectives.

SEO Auditing

One of the most important things that an SEO can do is an in-depth technical SEO and website history audit. This way I can wholly understand the history of the website, and by working with you, your team, and third party developers we can produce a strong foundation to not only support SEO but other omni-channel marketing activities.

Marketing Strategy & Planning

If you have a good in-house team with a decent level of knowledge but don’t seem to be able to push new business forward as fast as you would like. I’m able to help you analyse your current marketing efforts and create a new ROI focused marketing plan, better reporting and attribution models, as well as implement best practice data reporting in a digestible fashion.


Are you interested in improving the performance of your website in organic search? Talk to me today about how we can make that happen.