I'm an experienced and award winning SEO consultant.

Over the years I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses as an SEO consultant, ranging from Fortune 50 companies to budding SaaS startups.

It’s important to remember that Google is, itself, a product. Google is not a finished product. It is constantly changing and evolving on a daily basis through tweaks and changes to the core algorithm, experiments, and the larger named algorithm changes.

Outside of algorithmic changes, Google also changes search results pages based on real-world events and changing user behavior, and expectations.

This is why modern SEO is more about just optimising for keywords.

Understanding and mapping the internal linking of a website is important for understanding crawlability, user paths, and how authority is passed around the website.

I have a proven track record of increasing high-quality traffic from organic search to growing revenue through sales, and lead generation by helping businesses acquire users at various stages of their buying cycle.

Definitely a Pro; I’ve worked with lots of SEOs in the past, and Dan knows his stuff. Simple step by step action plan that was easy to follow. It will take some time to see the results of his advice, but I am confident his recommendations should help my website.

Julia R, UniqueVanities.com


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Working With Internal SEO Teams

In today’s modern digital landscape, lots of businesses have internal SEO teams and they don’t need the big full-service packages – but what they do need is scalable support from a third party to offer both ongoing consultancy (as an extra pair of eyes) for an in-house SEO, as well as provide elastic support that can flex up to meet business requirements.

My Approach To Working With Clients

I believe in transparency and honesty above all things — my typical steps when working with someone new are:

  1. Learn about your business, your history and your objectives
  2. Analysis of your current position in terms of traffic, rankings, and your website/tech stack
  3. What are your competitors doing? How are they doing what they’re doing?
  4. Develop a strategic plan based on objectives versus time to achieve


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