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Working with an Irish retailer of television aerials and free-view boxes on Magento as a consultant, I provided consultancy and guidance that when implemented by their in-house team saw a month-on-month increase of 82.46% in the first month, with the new traffic levels sustained.

The initial increase in traffic between August and July also saw a 27.81% increase in on-site conversion rate, with revenue increasing month-on-month by 97.99%. This shows that the traffic increase was relevant traffic and important to the business.

This was achieved through a number of basic steps and implementations.

  • 27.81% Increase In Conversion Rate

  • 97.99% M-o-M Revenue Increase

  • 82.46% Organic Traffic Increase

HTTPS Migration

The first issue to solve was more around conversion rates and user trust, and that was getting the website onto HTTPS so that the warning signs weren’t showing in user browsers every time a user tried to search on the website, or enter payment details.

The HTTPS migration was seamless, as they all should be, and we began to see an increase in conversions onsite from existing traffic soon after.

Creating a Healthy Content Ecosystem

Like most e-commerce websites, the focus was primarily on conversions and funneling users to the products, but not wholly taking into account the user journey and how users discover products.

Working with the content team, I showed them how to build an awareness funnel and through research the content required to attract traffic at the various stages. The awareness funnel being:

  • Problem aware – the user is aware they have a problem and they’re looking for solutions
  • Solution aware – the user has now researched enough to know a variety of solutions exist so they begin to focus in
  • Product aware – the user is aware of your product, as well as others, and is continuing to research
  • Deliberation – the user has narrowed down their choices and is now making decisions based on non-product performance-based criteria, such as price, shipping, and can they checkout securely.

Internal Linking

The final piece of the puzzle was to increase the internal linking on the website – as none of the blog posts interlinked to each other, or to anything other than some select product pages.

I went through with them the concept of creating context vectors on the site and smaller content hubs around topics and FAQs.


If you would like to contact me about your SEO plans, projects, or issues you’re trying to overcome, please contact me through one of the methods outlined on my contact page — or connect with me through LinkedIn.


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