Are you looking for a comprehensive, detailed, technical SEO audit?

One of the most important things that an SEO can do is an in-depth technical SEO and website history audit.

This way I can wholly understand the history of the website, and by working with you, your team, and third party developers we can produce a strong foundation to not only support SEO but other omni-channel marketing activities.

Technical SEO Audits

Auditing a website from a technical perspective means assessing a number of factors, that if done right, can amplify the efforts of content and marketing/PR activities.

A thorough technical SEO audit covers more than 300 individual checkpoints, ranging from content and the use of robots, to crawl issues and code bloat — and cannot be automated.

It’s no secret that Google favours websites with good structure, categorisation, and architectures (information, structure, and internal linking).

Dan’s report was insightful and helpful. It brought some clarity to the problem and gave me some areas to tackle the issues that we’re facing.

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What about free audits and cheap audits?

Unfortunately, from my experience, a lot of free audits, or very cheap audits don’t offer any tangible value. In order to perform a comprehensive and detailed audit, the SEO consultant needs to spend time on not only collecting the data but performing analysis, and understanding how the issues can be resolved with your tech stack/platform — as well as producing a report, and a list of high priority actions.

Running a website through a tool, and exporting the report, or just blindly completing a checklist is easy, and can be done within a day/two days and for a couple of hundred dollars/pounds. But this isn’t SEO. 

You’d be be better off paying for a Serpstat subscription and using their automated technical audit tool (which isn’t the be all and end all solution — but you’ll get the same value for $19 a month).


Are you looking to audit your website/staging website and understand your current position better?

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