BrightonSEO April 2024

AI, SGE, helpful content… communicating SEO risk potential to stakeholders

Do you know how your brand and organic visibility will be affected by Google’s evolving AI Search features? If not, I can help: [email protected]


  • How to make better SEO reports for the C-suite, Maria White, Link
  • The enterprise business of SEO: Communicating to the C-suite, Jim Yu, Link
  • Communicating Major Google Changes To C-Suite, Moi, Link
  • Cadence #2 – C-Level Communications, Moi, Link
  • PESTLE Analysis (CPD), Link


  • The March 2024 Google Update Initial Thoughts & Insights, Link
  • Preparing For SGE, Google’s AI Search Evolution, Link
  • Google’s Latest Search Travel Products & Travel SEO Impact (SGE + MAPS + LENS), Link
  • Google introduces VTO, enhanced brand filters, and preference swiping in Fashion SERPs, Link


  • Smart Brevity: The Power of Saying More with Less
  • On-the-Level: Performance Communication That Works: Performance